The World Jurist Association is proud to offer several important publications including a legal journal entitled Law/Technology, a book entitled Addressing Climate Change: A Survey of National and International Laws, The World Jurist Bulletin, as well as compilations of WorkPapers from our previous conferences. Information on those and our other publications may be found below.


Subscriptions to the following publications are available through the World Jurist Association Office. Please mail, fax or email a complete order form.



The World Jurist weekly E-Newsletter provides scholarly articles, information regarding WJA activities, and news of interest to our members. A one-year subscription is complimentary with your membership to the WJA. Libraries and Organizations may subscribe for an annual rate of US$100.00.

NB: Select issues of the newsletter are distributed electronically.  Special Editions are distributed in print.



Law/Technology is a quarterly journal which focuses on the influence of technology in the practice of law. The World Jurist Association believes that technology is particularly relevant to the progress and growth of worldwide law and legal institutions. The editors welcome for publication in this journal, news on current activities in the field, manuscripts dealing with the relation of technology to law, and letters and comments of general interest.


Members of the WJA receive a US$20.00 discount on the annual subscription rate of US$120.00. For those overseas clients requesting faster delivery via airmail service, an additional charge of US$30.00 will be added for postage and handling. Subscribe to Law/Technology.



In 2002 the WJA published the 4th Edition of Law & Judicial Systems of Nations. This long-awaited reference guide to the legal systems of more than 190 nations emerged as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed 1978 edition by Charles S. Rhyne. Nowhere else will you find such complete information compiled into one easy-to-use publication. No library would be complete without this one-of-a-kind reference guide.

Contact us for the special membership rate of $110.00 (overseas shipping may have additional charges).



The collection of articles in this volume provide a survey of five years of scholarship by the World Jurist Association, its members and the distinguished experts who have lent their time to speak and present their findings at our conferences around the world. This book will help you navigate through the sometimes confusing legal scholarship of climate change. The UN’s Copenhagen Conference set the stage for future collaboration. It is in this legal environment that the world’s leaders need to come together to determine the best way to protect our environment – and through it our health and well-being. These chapters will help you understand where the climate change discussion has been and where it needs to go next.

Contact us for the special membership rate of USD $80.00 which includes US domestic shipping (overseas shipping will incur the cost of postage).


Following every conference and most seminars, the WJA publishes the scholarly papers presented. Individual copies of these work papers are available for purchase.