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Business Associates are non-legal professionals who support the work of the WJA; Young Lawyers and practitioners under the age of 36.
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Membership with the World Jurist Association is open to all qualified legal professionals on an individual basis. The many benefits of membership include:

  • Prestige and recognition. WJA members are recognized around the world as distinguished professionals who share a commitment towards the promotion of world peace through the Rule of Law.
  • Voice and impact. The WJA is the only organization that offers individuals a voice in the policies and practices that directly impact them. The hundreds of Personal Messages from Heads of State and Government demonstrate the impact of the work of our members.
  • Distinction and Tradition. For almost 50 years the WJA has joined together Chief Justices, Ministers of Justice, Attorneys General, judges, lawyers, law professors and students; and provided a forum for these persons to gather. The friendships established around the world are an important stride towards world peace.
  • Elections of the Board of Directors. All active members in good standing are eligible to run for office, to nominate candidates and to vote in the upcoming elections for officers.
  • Conferences and Seminars. All members in good standing are invited to participate at WJA events at a special reduced registration rate and will receive advance notice of these events. Reduced hotel and air fares are also available to members of the WJA.
  • WJA Codification and Information Management Services. In collaboration with American Legal Publishing, the WJA now offers members in good standing assistance with legal publishing and information management needs, both in the United States and abroad.
  • The WJA offers enhanced networking opportunities, and members are invited to submit articles of interest to the world community for publication by the WJA.