About the WJA

A world ruled by law, not force” has been the World Jurist Association’s mission since its founding in 1963. The WJA was formed in response to an international outcry for a free and open forum where judges, lawyers, law professors and other professionals from around the world could work cooperatively to strengthen and expand the Rule of Law and its institutions throughout the world.

As a non-governmental organization with special consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the WJA provides a unique forum for the international community. We have worked closely with governments, non-governmental organizations and international associations to foster a cooperative dialogue on world peace. Through our support, decision-makers from around the world work together as individuals, rather than representatives of a particular country, class or ideology.

With more than 60 years of accomplishments, the WJA is one of the few organizations working with such a broad range of stakeholders to promote the Rule of Law as the path towards world peace. Our members include sitting and retired Chief Justices, judges, government officials, law professors, lawyers, law students and law-related professionals. We have National Presidents in countries around the globe, and our Board of Governors represents every continent and aspect of the legal profession.

This is a brief look at the ways in which the WJA has sought to build the foundation for a system of laws that will ensure peace without the use of force. The WJA is committed to its continuation of ensuring peace through the Rule of Law for all generations.